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The Ministry of Finance is 140.000 TL for the Chalipe and the love of his family. It allocated, 139,898,075 TL was spent.

Three vehicles under the front of the three cars and after police housing consists of 13 pieces bags, suitcases, suitcases, suitcases and chests, with a total of 725 pounds, including a total of 725 pounds, with a total of 725 pounds, reached a long convoy when he arrived in the direction The day started to make a bleacher, the Pumpkinian (Catalca) station due to the evil of the road conditions and could be reached in the afternoon but after the afternoon. Dürr-i Şehstir, years later in 1948, he has identified that journey in the memories he published with the name “born” in India;

“… we were going through a copious way to the forkca Sometimes we remain in the mass of a muddle, sometimes we were expecting the tribe to pass through the pits. The police coming with us was able to continue after fixing the road by putting stones. We sat on the beach where I can’t remember the right name of ten o’clock on the beach and we’ve been a bit of cold food we bring … “

Up to the train arriving until the train has been hosted at the top floor of the rumbled railway company at the top floor of the station, the Simplon Orient express moving in 9.5 of the evening sirkeci was able to enter the station in the midnight.

Governor Ali Haydar Boy, the passengers had made a huge envelope to Abdülmecid Efendi while they are building the train. The envelope was visited in the Swiss consulate in the envelope and had only a penalty of crime passports and a smaller envelope in a smaller envelope and a penalty of £ 2000 (15000 TL). The TBMM, Abdülmecid has adopted the issuance of £ 20,000 in the beginning of 2000 and determined the payment of 2000 in the beginning of 18,000 in nine installments. However, this 18,000 of GBP appropriations, despite being given Sakit Khalifa said, wanting to discuss a few days after arriving in Switzerland many European that reporters Turkey count of the decision of the National Assembly, he still is the caliph of the Islamic world, and considers himself caliph It was not paid, due to the unfortunate demonstration that declared that he wants to settle on one of the Islamic states to settle on one of the Islamic states. In addition, this is no Islamic State of Islam, he had not been in the invitation.

A single ticket was arranged in the name of the casket and were distributed by distributing 8 compartments of 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17. Abdülmecid Efendi had alone in the cabinet number 17. The ticket was cut to Istanbul-Brig. In the same train, two Turkish security officers had accompanied the trip.

The Lord reigns, they put on the train to go to Switzerland Cis-i-Mustafa Pasha (Bulgaria’s border with Turkey and Greece, the Evros River in the coastal town of Svilengrad) to journalists upon arrival at the station,

The journey of Switzerland’s Hudut Station Brig (ticket was held as Istanbul-Brig), but in the simplon tunnel, the train is stopped at the Simplon tunnel and Switzerland has given a visa of Istanbul to Istanbul, is not notified by the Federal Government by the Federal Government to Customs Officers before the Bern. The train had been waiting in the tunnel until the instruction is instructions. He was instructed from Bern from Bern to the Hudut Sergeant to the Hudut Sergeant.