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On the way to David Copperfield show, he watched this show more than you were watching it more than they came to Las Vegas but essentially he liked to gamble in Monte Carlo. So he didn’t like to gamble, but he had to play. “To avoid rusty …” he said. And according to what you say, the more he knows the better a player.

When the show begins, the Bora has to shut up, but at the end of the show, he started to give me a variety of information relevant to the background of the illusion show we watched. Never stayed in a fixed place and definitely came to Bora’s self-directed chat, Gökhan and Aydın’s Renisi Kemal Bey. Kemal Bey Abi, the master was Hallice from magicians and believed that his bora was really able to destroy the metal coins before and then he could bring it back to the magic. Kemal Bey had a dog called “Bone” and Bora was very fond of him; It consisted of a knowledge that he said between the LAF

They were not limited to what they tell. The first love was a primary school teacher. He wanted to marry him when you grow up. “Here’s the woman’s hand, you took the opportunity of your life,” he said with a joker statement. He had a friend in Elementary School. Now he didn’t know where or what he did, and sometime he had fallen in love with his sister. Batuhan’s older sister was married, Bora was 10 years old and he had been in love that day.

I could listen to him forever, but I knew how much you told them all, not only to talk to the Begüm. The subject comes to the scales of the school exit that he tried to stay away from the high school but never came to begum because the Bora had entered a relentless struggle. He was trying to hide the sadness behind the tone that he tried to keep cheerful.

When the annual, perhaps several years of word quota was full, an interesting suggestion was as an interesting suggestion between their lips: “If we go to the club? Dance.”

The hut was the idea of ​​Bora, but the understanding of dancing was only to demonstrate the height and drink with me. Although our gaze coupled, I was realized that when I started dancing. I didn’t say that there was no guy in here but there were many men who were the woman who was saying here. We were in a nightclub in Las Vegas and it was very natural that the men’s troubles are a woman. And even a woman who was able to eat me with their eyes I couldn’t know if it could see the Bora. There were six women and two men overlooking the Bora, not only to Bora.

“We have fun at work …” She said SHE. I knew the fun is so good because I have fun before I have fun; For instance, I had more fun on the morning when I go to the Grand Canyon. You have a lot of fun at night clubs, Naz, just eating your own right.

“What are you looking at?” bora asked. I guess I’ve been convinced to have the British accent I never fucked. In Oxford, ultimately the Naz, it becomes. “Yes, I say to you,” he was approaching a man I don’t look at the face. It was also quite good at the sentence highlights rather than quite fluid speaking. “My fuck said you,” said, just after you punched the man. S