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The price of the Meals in Urada is around 5-15 €. Beer – € 4, Cocktails – € 8,50.

Operation hours: PZ-Tsar – 09:00 at midnight, Thurs from 09:00 to 1:30, CU – 09:00 to 2:00, CMT – 13: 00-00: 00

A from A to Z Madrid: map, hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, entertainment. Shopping, shops. Madrid’s related photos, videos and reviews.

Madrid, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is a tremendous cultural and artistic heritage. Modern business centers and medieval architecture, the best nightclubs of Europe, the largest outlets, beautiful parks and many museums are very organic here.

Madrid’s culture and appearance reflects the history of the Spanish Empire as a royal city of the Hispanic Empire. The royal palace, built by the kings, broad squares and monumental buildings, abnormally large cathedrals and churches – all filled in Madrid. Just like medieval buildings. Today is up to the city, Berlin or London, full of cosmopolitan and equally energy.

The people of Madrid (“Madrilienos”) would say “Gatos” – “Cat”. The daily routine in this city continued slowly and sluggish due to heat; Until this day, many Madrid’s office has a long time in the summer program. But in the evenings … Madrid has a lot of pubs and over-moving nightlife compared to other European cities. Madrilienos is definitely not a field bird and is used to humming until 5-7 in the morning. So the weekend you can walk to a night walk along Gran Via. But make sure that your hotel is not close to any center of your club life.

Traditionally, Madrid can be divided into two main tourist areas. The first is the old traditional center where the city is the heart of the city – the ancient Puerta del Sol and Gran Via with the Environment Regions of the 17th century to Austria (built during Habsburgs period), Arguelles, Chueca, Malasania and Chamber.

The second region is Madrid’s new neighborhoods of Madrid: Business offices and first-class hotels are full of cosmopolitan Castellana, Barrio-style mansions, definitely planned Salamanca region – the most good store and restaurants of the city, the fascinating atmosphere of the city of Northern Chamartin region, North Chamartin region.

It will be difficult for tourists to decide what region they will live in. These can be briefly identified as follows: Old Madrid – Old hotels: Old hotels with an old history and high prices or very affordable apartments and hostels. New Madrid is usually expensive and stylish hotels; Sucessful tourists are rarely settled here – there is no place.

The Austrian District has taken the name of the Spain Kings that govern the country in the 17th century. The main difference is Madrid’s elegant streets, small squares, most memorable churches. Found in the center of Plaza Mayor is famous for the most movable nightlife in the city: It is full of cafes, bars and shops that sell everything from the heads of the 20th century to rare coins from gift hats.