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If no one would say anything to cry in the bushos, it turned out because of the eyes of the eyes, though. Checked his ticket, he sat in place. With their friends, the bus with the bus moves and departed. The captain of the bus seemed to say goodbye to those who remain in the horn. Yes, years ago, it was started at the intermediate station on a journey that started alone for Asmin, again he was restarting from the station on a lonely journey. This was the life of life itself. No longer navy navy navy people in the dormitory nor were the people who give the mind that supported him. The husband was like the captain of the ship that sails to a world. After that, all the responsibility of his life belongs to him. Either it was to draw the course correctly and experience the flu with the other happy person or … for a while watched the road lines. The bus arrived without breaking to the final stop. The passengers were meeting a nearby with a relatives and left the garbage to the place to reach where it is going to go. Welcomed asmin a friend. He also was separated from the dorm, was working in an institution. Together with the autogar’s metro, they ridden.

They remained speechless along the way, the intermediate question has passed in the form of answers. In the axaray, they were in the Municipal bus after they were in the subway and walked a little. The asmin has never had a long trip to a city. This is not finished go to Istanbul how much it was great. They had his friend’s house. The two eyes of the stove was a place. But because the rents were high but he had been able to hold up this friend. They were two people now they could be moved to a better home. Both Asmin did not know to burn stove, dormitory were heated and warm, everything was met. Eating the best of everything and drinking, they were wearing the most beautiful clothes. It has never been a lot of money from outside the daily money provided by the Group’s responsible. Those days were left behind. She would take what he wants to spend their own now, this thought smile. From thoughts and the fatigue of the road, it has arrived asmin’s sleep. It was to sleep in the most pleasent thing, it was beating their pain and sadness with sleep. Sleeping is relaxed in getting ready for a new day. It was so in this evening. Although it was a chirping color of the chirping color, after dinner, he had slept in the room prepared by his friend. The remaining part of your life though he would pass in Istanbul. The days did not enter the bag either Istanbul with his friend to travel abundant.

Asmin got up early in the morning. They went to the place where it will start the work with his friend. Wrote the bus and metro stops on a sheet of paper. Were thoroughly observing around. People were hustling there from there. In Istanbul, it was very complicated according to the city where it left over a place to go to place. The Tekel of the Tekel of the Tekel of the Tekel of the Tekel has delivered their paperwork. The officials have completed their transactions. They sent business to the unit he will do. It was very excited, but he was in a place of comfort in it. He had learned that hundreds of people worked as he had trained from the dorms. The first day was very hard.